England,  Liverpool

Private Swimming Pool in Crosby

I’m going to mention the dreaded C word… just a head’s up… Covid. Yup, Covid is making normal life very difficult and we really want to just stay safe and happy. We are also careful because Alfie can’t get vaccinated (yet?), so we don’t mix with many people but we do take him to weekly swimming lessons. We go to Waterbabies – and it’s amazing. When I was a kid, my dad would take me and my brother swimming every single Sunday morning and then we would get a cheeky milkshake from Maccy’s. I love being in the water and I want the same for Alfie.

His first lesson was terrifying for me – I had to dunk him under the water and he was tiny, just a few weeks old. But he didn’t mind and from then he has turned into a mermaid (merman?). His favourite place is under the water – it’s bonkers to watch the other babies in the class too scared and crying when they are about to be dunked under the surface in comparison to Alfie who just won’t let us stop dunking him, to the point when it’s actually scary to see if he will come up again. We’ve never put him in armbands etc, as the point of the classes is to make sure that if the child is in a real-life drowning situation, like they fall into a pond, they know not to panic and instead they will hopefully just be able to get out or at the very least lie on their back and float whilst waiting for someone to come and help them.

At the beginning, it was amazing to go to Alfie’s lessons as a family – one parent could watch from outside the pool and the other would take Alfie into the water. It was my favourite Alfie-related time of the week. However, just weeks later many restrictions came in and I was too sick for a long time to be able to take him in the water myself, so I missed out on so much of his swimming development. Luckily we found a pool in Crosby (it’s actually right next to the station) that is completely private, so the three of us can go in together and mess around in the water. There are tons of floats, pool noodles and balls etc and the water is lovely and warm so it’s perfect for little humans! We love it there! It’s a faff to book but once you’ve done it it’s great to be able to go swimming as a family finally! Go go go!

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