• Malaga,  Spain


    It seems I’ve become a bit obsessed with Spain – the weather, the food and did I say the weather? Because hanging out on the beach all day in February is just the ABSOLUTE BEST. I was almost in tears when we came home and they opened up the airplane doors to windy rainy UK. All I can describe it as it GREY. UGH. Anyway… I digress… Let me tell you about the wonderful week we spent here! Our hotel was a nice 4-star (Hotel Pez Espada) that had a playground and amazingly it even had a toddler’s pool but OMG it was like standing in ice and they were…

  • Spain,  Travel


    Yup – you read that correctly. TENERIFE! We finally left the UK – it felt like a miracle! We cancelled four trips abroad due to Covid and then life got rough and well, long story short – I went crazy and with less than a week’s notice I booked us to go to a little island off the coast of West Africa. The sun didn’t stop shining – it was actually HOT and we ate so much food I’m shocked we didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool where we spent every single day. The Bahia Principe hotel was just epic – mini golf, jacuzzi, all day buffet (we…